Saturday, June 20, 2009

They are not fur products! Did you know about this...?

I'm a vegetarian. I havn't had a bite of meat or fish in 4 years. It's funny how it all starts. A little bit for health, and a little for the love of animals. Now it's ALL for the love of animals. I can't even look at a steak ,or any meat, and not picture it as a sweet, big brown eyed precious cow or pig. And don't get me started on lamb and veal. I have never eaten a baby in my life. Imaging the mothers when their precious babies are ripped away from them to be used as food. I really don't judge anyone for this though. My husband, kids and friends are all meatatarians. (that's what my 14 year old calls it)

Well anyway, I went to the PETA catalog site to order some t-shirts. I had heard stories for years about the organization's protests and ad campaigns. And had seen some of the horrifying pictures. Also, the film of men kicking the cows in the face, as they lie there so sick they can't walk off the truck to the slaughter house. All of the little bits and pieces planted a seed in my brain and heart until I couldn't sit still or quiet anymore.

Being that I was now on their mailing list, they sent me an opinion poll to fill out. The content is something I had never heard of, or could ever even imagine. I actually had to read it in small amounts, because I couldn't handle the whole thing at once. And the pictures broke my heart.

It told of the use of domestic cats and dogs for fur. Some still have their collars on after being stolen from their homes, others are strays. They said they label the fur as Asian jackal or rabbit. They are used for collars on coats or lining for gloves and boots. Millions of cats and hundreds of thousands of dogs. This is not just adult animals, also kittens and puppies. They capture trusting dogs like Golden Retrievers and German Shepards and pleanty of other breeds too. Cats like Siamese and tabbys.

They are packed into cages, piled on top of eachother covered in urine and feces. The cages are thrown 10 feet down off of the trucks, which causes the animals little bones to break. Then the worst happens. Some are skinned alive, screaming and crying while the others listen and wait to be next. Afterwards they're thrown in a pile, where they may still gasp for 5 minutes until death finally comes
There is more, but I have to stop now.

Once I finished reading, pulled my heart up out of my stomach and dried my eyes, I went straight to my copier and computer and started trying to do something.

I'm not a radical or an activist in any way. I just feel like I can't sit quiet, cover my eyes and ears, or look the other way anymore.

I hope to plant a seed in others so that when they hear and see information about PETA's cry for help, they will listen and do something. If anything tell 2 freinds, so they'll tell 2 friends about this.

There is good news though. After PETA meetings with some of the major clothing designers, they have stopped using fur of any kind in all of their clothing. Each small step adds up to bigger leaps, and maybe one day everyone will see the light.


  1. Horrific...I can't bare to look.

  2. About a year ago, I read another horrific story about a helpless animal. It haunted me. I knew it was too late to help that animal, but I could help so many more in the future. I began painting 'pet portraits' for animal rescue groups to help them raise money to save more animals. Everyone has a talent or something they can do to help. Every little bit helps! And I've met so many new really enriched my life!

  3. Twizz, read it a little at a time until you get through it. That's how I did it. Just tell 2 friends so they'll know. Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by. Miss you much!

  4. Kay, I know what you're doing. I love that story. I hope I can do as much. Everyone thanks you greatly

  5. My Goodness Kelly,

    My eyes are all welled up! I love all animals... especially Dogs! Dogs seem to love me too! :)

    Goodness Gracious! I had no idea people could and would be so cruel to animals!

    There are a lot of animal lovers in Blogland! Trust me.... you WILL be heard!

    Donna Marie

  6. KK... Add some links...etc.. I would love to get involved!

    I miss you & Love you LOTS!


  7. KK.... Good God!!!! That Peta site is ALOT to take in! I knew about animal cruelty...but I had no idea to what extent. I am going to check out the Shop... I wouldn't mind getting a T Shirt or a Sweat Shirt.

    Donna Marie

  8. Kelly I agree with you 100% and want to spread the word to friends so I joined your blog and intend to send it out to my friends and family. I love the music. I can't bring myself to visit any of the PITA sites as I can't bear the horror. You would make a great spokesperson for PITA. You write very well.

  9. Christmastime is a wonderful time to remember....and help the animals that are suffering!

  10. I didn't think the pictures/videos were too graphic. Just enough to get the point across, and I could choose how much I wanted to see. It was worth watching, better to be informed...than hide my head in the sand.

    I will now be looking into becoming a vegetarian. It will be so much healthier than feeding my family antibotic/hormone infused meat. The animal cruelty aside... I never knew that we are eating such unhealthy meat, and I am not talking about cholosteral!

    I just wanted to say that I have only looked at the Farm Animal Sanctuary pictures and videos.

    I could't find the PETA link on your site. I will need to take time and reasearch them.

    Thanks, I have just found my focus for the new year.

  11. Oops... I guess I should explain.

    I wrote the two posts that say "deleted by author". I had tried to edit them due to a typo but found out it just deletes it.

    So... I just condensed the two posts into one :-)

  12. I saw this not to long ago on a video I got on animal crulity I cant remember where I got it from. I really really started balling and crying some things they do to these animals are so horrible. A dog that looks just like my baby boo was being stripped from her fur ALIVE!!!!!!!! She was crying and yelling not biting just wanted the man to stop. I wish there was something I could do I feel so helpless in these kind of situations.

  13. my husband grew up on a farm and he said calfs followed you around like puppy dogs.

  14. I'm so glad I found your blog, I have an animal blog, but have been negleting it lately, for no other reason but that I have been busy. I didn't know about some of the things that you wrote, but others I was aware of. I will keep you saved under my favorites. Thank you for being another concerned and caring animal lover

  15. My heart is breaking. It amazes me that we, as humans, can be so heartless do things like this to animals.
    I made the decision a year ago to go vegetarian, and I have not missed meat at all. Then I read stories like this and it makes me what to something more.
    This blatant animal cruelty should be punishable by law! I have sent a link to this page to all of my Facebooks friends and family so that they are aware and hopefully they will tell their friends and family too.
    We can't allow this sort of thing to continue.


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