Thursday, September 15, 2011

I've Never Known A Pig...

But I hope to one day.
I went to the State Fair just to see the animals.  I've never been in the presence of farm animals.  I'm pretty much a city girl. 
I went to the "pig" area to see if I could get close enough to one, or maybe just pet and talk to one of them.
There was a mother in a pen with her babies.  She was very large and SOOOO adorable.
I knelt down to talk to her and she looked up to see who was there.  She seemed happy and content enough, but I really wonder.  I have no idea what her life is like on a daily basis.  Hopefully she is treated with love and kindness everyday.

Her eyes were beautiful!!  Long and almond shaped. They were the color of human hazel eyes.  It was like looking into the eyes of a human!  Her eyelashes were the same light strawberry blond color of her fur.

As I talked to her, I called her Mama.  She looked and listened to everythhing I said.  The little ones were very curious about who was talking to their mama.  They  would climb all over eachother and squeel trying to get a closer look at me.
They were absoutely precious!!