Thursday, July 15, 2010

This Just In From Farm Sanctuary

Dear Kelly
Every year in America, as many as 900,000 intelligent, sensitive pigs who are too sick, injured or weak to stand or walk are violently pushed or dragged to get them to slaughterhouse kill floors, where they are processed for the human food supply.

Pigs are playful, friendly animals who form strong bonds with their caregivers and fellow pigs. They “sing” to their babies while nursing, love to sleep nose to nose, and have the intellectual capacity of a 3-year-old child.

Other pigs are cruelly cast aside, left to suffer for hours or days without food, water or veterinary care – until they die from this torturous neglect.

Today, you have the chance to help stop this cruelty. Donate now to support FARM SANCTUARY'S No Downers Campaign and all of our work for abused farm animals.

Last year, President Obama announced a new U.S. Department of Agriculture rule that bans the slaughter of cattle who become downed at any time. This new rule set an important precedent that gives Farm Sanctuary the momentum we need to extend that same protection to pigs and other farm animals.

But we need your help. The pork industry is fighting to keep business as usual. They want to keep sending sick, injured pigs – animals far more likely to be suffering from disease or covered in feces – straight into the human food supply. Pigs – and consumers – deserve better.

Donate now to support Farm Sanctuary’s legislative, legal and public awareness efforts to stop this abuse of pigs and end all cruelty to farm animals.

With your help our No Downers Campaign will:

Stop this cruelty to pigs, sheep, goats, and other farm animals when they are at their most vulnerable.

.Force the factory farming industry to end the cruel and neglectful practices that cause animals to become downed in the first place.

.Protect the food supply by ensuring that sick animals are not slaughtered for human consumption.

Pigs are thinking, feeling beings. They don’t deserve the horrible cruelty they face. Donate now to help our No Downers Campaign and all of our work for abused farm animals!

Yours for farm animals,

Gene Baur

President and Co-founder, Farm Sanctuary


  1. God bless you for what you are doing.........educating. Wish Oprah knew all this,she too educates. Keep up your good works. We need more people like you in this world. Mother Teresa is smiling too! Lots of love to you in your life!! Mel

  2. Thank you Mel. Everytime anyone reads this blog it's almost like an answered prayer.
    And God bless the people writing the books and making the movies about all of this.

    People are listening and learning. Although I don't believe any animal should be killed for food, it will always happen. But our country's family farms are being pushed out of business by these HUGE, "Large Industry" animal abusers. The number of animals being killed, and meat being eaten in this country is STAGGERING!


  3. You are welcome...‘All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing’ Edmund Burke You are a good person! Mel

  4. I wish more people knew and cared about the horrors of the factory farming business. Thank you for putting this information out for people to see and get educated.

  5. People like you and I who adore animals cannot fathom that others are capable of inflicting such horrible abuse on God's creatures.
    Another tool to help educate is
    My husband and I have not eaten meat since watching this shocking documentary.
    The Bible says: In the last days there shall be much suffering. Most people think this suffering just pertains to humans, but unfortunately the animals are suffering the most and in huge numbers.


  6. Hi Karin,
    Thank you so much for stopping by. Not many do. I think it too much for people to take. I went to "All Animals Matter" She's really educating the public too.


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