Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Did you know about this? Gestation Crates

Those of you from OHIO, there's something about your state you should read a little further down the post.

Here are pictures of the 2 foot crates where these mothers spend THEIR WHOLE LIVES.  The other one is where she is taken only to nurse her babies. The babies are in a separate crate. The sow can't bond or even know how her piglets are doing.
 After about 2 to 3 weeks the babies are taken away and she is impregnated again to start the whole process over.  And all the while NEVER leaving her 2 ft. crate.  This is a life she will NEVER escape, no matter how long she calls out, with her cries and moans of desperation.
 After about 2-3 years, and her body is absolutely worn out, she goes to saughter.  Usually too exhausted to even walk to her death.

The sow pictured above, worn out after years of being confined in a 2-foot-wide metal crate, was unable to walk. She was left to suffer with no medical care, in the alleyway at a factory farm amid rows of gestation crates.
Walking into a gestation crate facility, one hears the roars and screams of hundreds of confined, frustrated sows and the clatter of hundreds of bodies banging against metal cage bars. Treated like piglet-making machines, gestating sows are lined up in row after row of metal crates inside huge, windowless warehouses.

You can read about the life of  pigs bread in factory farms.  The Agriculture Industry has led us to believe, all of our lives that animals roam free, grazing and playing until they're fat enough to go to slaughter.  Well here is a look into what it's really like.  This is the FACTORY FARMING INDUSTRY, not small family farms.

You can click the link below to the Farm Sanctuary website to read the whole story.  If anything, please e-sign the petition to stop the practice of torturing the "downed" pigs throughout our country that are too sick or crippled to walk to slaughter. (you can find the link to the petition down this post in blue writing 'Farm Sanctuary Website' Look in the side bar to the right with the picture of the pig.)  Industry animals don't fall under the Cruelty to Animals protection
laws. Yet pigs are very intelligent. Equal to a three year old, human child. They make friends for life. They protect thier young. They love to interact with humans.  Nobody will protect the welfare and humane treatment of these wonderful animals unless we act in some way or speak up.  After reading this article, you will be able to make informed decisions when it comes to elections in your state or area, and when purchasing your meat.
I think if young children knew, and were taught different from our generation, they would be the ones to make a difference for the furure of these amazing animals.

Farm Sanctuary animals live free and happy for the rest of their lives.

Farm Sanctuary rescues farm animals of all kinds. They have a slideshow of some of their rescued breeding sows seeing snow for the first time. They loved it so much they didn't want to come in until evening. They had never even been outside in the fresh air before.
 They were rescued from a flooded  Industry Factory Farm where the workers opened the pig gates and let them fend for themselves during the flood. Other animals weren't as lucky. They railed against their cages and stalls as the water rose over their heads. Their bodies were found later after the flood.
Click here to read this heartbreaking story. Farm Sanctuary Website

Those of you in Ohio, read HERE Scroll down to his 11/09 /09 about Issue 2 that will come up on the ballot again.  The people thought they were voting against cruelty to factory farmed animals, but because of the wording on the ballot, they unknowingly voted for the agriculture industry to keep it's same practices.  Another chance is coming. I'm not sure when, but watch out for it.

Thank you to all who took the time to look.


  1. wow that is really really sad why must they do that to these poor babies. I wish I could just go shut it down its horrible. :(

  2. Kelly, first of all...Good for you for hearing God's voice and following his calling!!! We can never go wrong when we follow his plan.
    I can't wait to show your site to my family. We are a family of farmers in Pa and my cousin has a pig farm. This is awful what you shared. His farm is nothing like this or could I even imagine such a thing. it is very very disturbing...I am so glad you shared!!! Added this site to my google reader :)

  3. Good for you for following the voice.

    We all find things like this sometimes hard to read BUT not reading it doesn't make it not happen. We all need to stand up for these animals and make the atrocities stop now.

    Here's something you might be interested in:


  4. I'm so glad you voiced your opinion about this. Whenever I start talking about slowing becoming a vegetarian people look at me crazy. The thing that put me over the edge was the milk people drink has pus in it!! Yes PUS!! They milk the poor mama cows even if when their infected and hurt. I can't believe the abuse these animals recieve. It's sick. I so share your passion.

  5. I just want you to know that after finding your blog a few days ago I have spent many hours researching this. Spent one afternoon on the PETA site. It is hard to watch but I managed to do so.

    I also looked onto becoming a vegetarian like I said I would. Even checked out what I am feeding my dogs. I didn't know that they too could be on a vegetarian diet. I'll let you know how it goes.

    Talk to you soon ;)
    Bunny Jean

    p.s. I find it strange that none of your "other blog" friends came to check out this blog before I did.

  6. Kelly Darlin',
    I know that you are a truly wonderful person, and your "calling" is honorable...Don't ever apologize for who you are and what you need to be doing.
    My husband used to do cancer research on lab rats..he had to leave the field because he couldn't sacrifice anymore lab animals..
    As to the pigs, it is terrible what is done to farm animals..to many animals..it's heartbreaking.
    I don't know that being a vegetarian would make a difference, but certainly exposing these practices and putting money and time out there may make a difference.
    I am a member of PETA, and do what I can..Now that we are not under as stringent financial contraints, I am making an effort to do more.
    You are a truly wonderful person, and I support you totally.

  7. I really admire this cause! I have been a vegetarian for 15 years and am now a vegan. I think it's sad that people just pretend these things don't go on, or just don't want to hear about them. Thanks for the info!

  8. unfortunately I was unable to find the petition to sign. could you send me the link. I find the revolting.

  9. Hi Dirtyducks,
    Thanks for taking a look and caring. You can find the petition when you click my blue link "Farm Sanctuary Website". You'll see the picture of the pig in the side bar to the right. That takes you to the petition. You can also read the whole article about the gestation crates there.

  10. Hello Kelly. So nice of you to have this blog. I am a Norwegian woman, I've been a vegetarian / vegan for 12 years now. Hope you have a good day:) Best regards, Ellen.


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